SnapEx – Crypto Contract Trading Exchange for Everyone with 100x leverage

What is snapEx

SnapEx is a service-focused cryptocurrency contract trading platform with a global footprint. It has a professional R&D and management team that provides a strong trading system, secure, and rigorous fund management, as well as intimate service. The company has its offices in many countries including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, and many others.

SnapEx aims to initiate a low threshold and easy-to-understand way for users to venture into cryptocurrency trading.

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key Differences in SnapEx

  • Tether (USDT) as the base currency.
  • Low entry barrier.
  • Zero spread.
  • Fair prices based on a K-line weighted average of 4 major cryptocurrency platforms.
  • Ability to leverage from 10x to 100x.
  • Only a one-time transaction fee for every position opened.
  • No slippage cost and no clawback.

SnapEx is created for the average trader in mind — whether you are a beginner or an expert trader. All prices indicated on the platform is consistent with market spot prices at no additional spread costs. The transaction fee is applied only once — when a position is opened — and no other handling fees are charged when the position is closed.

Unlike other contract trading platforms, the digital asset prices on SnapEx are far more stable – achieved by using a K-line weighted average drawn from 4 major crypto exchanges. There is also zero platform spread which minimizes slippages.

Easy Trading for New Crypto Traders

SnapEx makes it easier for new traders to set their feet in cryptocurrency trading. They don’t need to buy Bitcoins or altcoins in order to trade.

What they do is to open a long or short position and leverage as much as 100x. SnapEx provides systematic tutorials to help new traders get started and the latest market updates to show them the current trends and pulse of the industry.

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