Bityard trading platform review the worlds no1 leading cryptocurrency contracts exchange

What is bityard:- bityard is a leading online cryptocurrency contracts exchange. Crypto contracts are trading instruments that enable an investor to trade on the price movement of crypto at a predetermined future date and price.

Contracts are commonly used by traders in volatile markets making crypto contracts an ideal financial instrument for traders looking for exposure to the crypto market.

Bityard’s platform is easy to use, giving the more novice trader access to the crypto contract world. The trading interface is not only user friendly but also concise, with easy to follow command prompts.

It is also worth highlighting the transaction speeds. Bityard has one of the fastest trading engines, matching 1 million transactions per second. This is particularly important in the volatile world of crypto.

Founded in November 2019, Bityard is headquartered in Singapore and is, even more importantly, regulated by:

  • The American Money Services Businesses. (Financial crime agency under the U.S Department of the Treasury).
  • Singaporean Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).
  • The MTR of Estonia for the European Union.
  • Australia’s AUSTRAC.


Buyers and sellers usually use contract trading as a way to hedge and minimize risks, protect against volatile future price swings, and speculate on the assets. Contracts involve buyers, sellers, and an agreed price. 

For example, let’s take a look at Bitcoin options trading on Bityard. Users are able to purchase a USDT-BTC option contract with up to 100x leverage and not actually hold the BTC asset.

Bityard offers cryptocurrency margin trading, meaning that a trader would only need to put down a fraction of the full trade amount in a leveraged position. Cryptocurrency margin trading on Bityard is a relatively simple process.`

Bityard Competition

Bityard does a fairly good job of differentiating itself in the cryptocurrency options trading space with low entry levels, unique complex contract offerings, and a simple user-friendly interface. 

Bityard’s competitors include BitMEX and Prime XBT. 

While cryptocurrency margin trading and cryptocurrency options trading can be viewed as incredibly complicated by beginners, Bityard is trying to make the process much easier to understand for new users. In a brief BitMEX vs Bityard comparison, Bityard is much simpler and cleaner in its interface, which is likely to not terrify new users as much. 

This isn’t to knock BitMEX as a platform, as it seems both platforms are able to function properly and keep their users happy. It seems that Bityard is primarily better suited for newer traders, whereas BitMEX is going after the more advanced crowd.

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