crypto24 giveaway

Crypto24 10000 TRX giveaway winners list:–

All winners are selected based on there activities on telegram,twitter,Youtube and lucky draw.
if anyone have not become a winner then you can participate in our next giveaway.

new giveaway coming shortly.

All winners will get the payment automatically in there given TRX address till 25th may.
congratulations and thanks for support us.

5 Lucky winners user name (500 TRX each)

@Ravigupta83 (Twitter id)
@ashishkumar878 (Twitter id)
@rockey1995 (telegram id)
@sivamkumar10 (Telagram id)
vipin thakur ( Youtube user name)
10 Lucky winners user name (300 TRX each)
@Henry-wilson2 ( twitter id)
@sunilsen926 (twitter id)
@rakhimondal0 (twitter id)
@Abbastel87 (telegram id)
@cryptolili8 (telegram id)
@mdhassan9 (telegram id)
@anandk102 (telegram id)
nizmul ali (youtube username)
raja dey (youtube user name)
debi saha (youtube user name)
30 lucky winners user name (150 TRX each)
(Twitter user id)
 @Ashok9337 @Vicky606060
(Telegram user name)
(Youtube name)
Anurag porwal
status king
kp rajasthani
anupam ray
movis hd
niraj kumar
aashim khan
s chowdhury
light of hope
kiran kumar
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